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''Subsun has therefore succeeded in its bet by producing an interesting concept album, combining old school metal influences, Sludge ingredients at times and especially in the vocals, progressive touches that are a little passive, well disseminated but useful because they make everything more original, less static (the trap of Doom).''

- Metal Alliance Mag (original text in French)

''...the movement of one song to the next has its underlying ties in the vocals and overarching semi-metal tonality, but isn’t shy about messing with those either, as on the lands-even-harder “Evolution” or the thuds at the outset of “Adaptation,” the relative straightforwardness of the structures allowing the band to draw together different styles into a single, effective, individualized sound."

The Obelisk



From left to right: Simon Chartrand-Paquette  (Bass, Vocals), Jérémy Blais (Drums, Vocals), André Bélanger (Guitar) and Jean-Michel Fortin (Guitar, Vocals)

Blending the raw power of Sludge, the psychedelic heaviness of Doom, the unorthodox structures of prog metal with a more melodic approach inherited from Stoner Rock, Subsun is a four-piece hailing from Gatineau, Québec, Canada . The band started officially in 2019 with Simon Chartrand-Paquette (Bass, Vocals), Jérémy Blais (Drums, Vocals) and Jean-Michel Fortin (Guitar, Vocals). It is with the same creative core that Subsun entered Apartment 2 Recording in July 2021 to record their debut album. The concept album, called Parasite, was released on July 29, 2022 and was soon followed by a first official video for the third song on the record called Adaptation.


2023  saw some big changes including the addition of a new guitar player, André Bélanger. The new member instantly brought a new dimension and maturity to Subsun's live and studio sound. It is alos in 2023 that they released of a pair of singles, Doomsday Clock and Beta Species, showcasing a heavier and proggier sound, a taste of what's to come for their second album which they are currently working on while gaining as much live experience as possible.



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Parasite (2022)


Jean-Michel Fortin: Lyrics, music, guitars, synth and vocals

Simon Chartrand-Paquette: Music, bass, vocals

Jérémy Blais: Music, drums and vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Apartment 2 Recordings

Big thanks to: Topon Das, the mastermind behind Apartment 2, for his creative input during all of the recording process; Mathieu Roy for his awesome album artwork and social media graphic design; Benoit Le Pape for his dedication to rock and Labatt 50 and Alex Vaive for helping us with the preproduction. Last but not least, a special thank you to families and friends for being an invaluable support and without whom none of this would be possible.